John, Thanks for all the hard work and beautiful craftsmanship on our custom cabinets. They really make our house the beauty that it now is. We have already gotten so many compliments. Come by to take pics! xo
Dietrich P.
John looked at the space and asked what we wanted to do with it. Since we only had a general idea of what we wanted, he asked questions to determine the best use of the space. Together we came up with the plan, he drew the plan and quoted a price. In order to do the job a closet had to be opened up and walls modified. John gave us the name of a contractor he works with who did an excellent job at reasonable price. He also recommended a company to do the counter top. This wasn’t an easy job as we had done a kitchen makeover several years ago and it had to be matched as far as the wood and granite are concerned. The cabinets are beautiful, functional and I love the kitchen. There were no surprises adding to the cost and the cabinets were finished on schedule. I would definitely recommend this provider and will likely use him again.
Larry W.
Perfect. John is a master craftsman. A perfectionist.

A pleasure to work with.

John also built the cabinets for my bathroom.

It came out like a work of art!

Jan O.

This is the second time I hired John to remodel my kitchen, which speaks volumes. This kitchen I had John design. The back and forth of exchanging ideas and re-drawing plans was not an issue with John as he wanted you to be completely happy with the project. Again, my kitchen was gutted, but this design was an old world antique look, but no matter what your style is John can design and execute. Take a look at his portfolio.

The attention to detail in creating this look was fabulous right down to the selection of crown molding, with the recommendation of the designer bead and barrel molding. The hardware was antique butt hinge. This is the kind of detail brought the whole look together. The cabinetry designed around the sub zero had two pantry doors on each side with pull out shelves and an arch above with lighting for display. Some of the cabinetry looked like stand alone furniture with footed bottoms. I cannot say enough about his quality and workmanship. No doubt about it, I will definitely use John again whether it be a kitchen, bathroom, or entertainment center. Which reminds me he also built and designed an entertainment center for us as well.

Jan O.
John has remodeled two kitchens in different homes for me in the last 13 years. His attention to detail and design are bar none right down to the recommendation of hardware (pulls and knobs). The first kitchen he did was a more traditional sleek design from a another designers specs. The kitchen was completely gutted and John built and installed all the cabinets and installed all the hardware.

All cabinets delivered on time with the attention to detail and quality as promised. John uses quality products and does not cut corners. He worked very well with the other contractors I had hired. John did such an excellent job that I hired him again in 2007 to remodel a kitchen in my current home. I’m hoping that Angie’s list will let me write another review after this one, as John designed this kitchen, made all cabinets, and installed all hardware.

Tom L.
I don’t know if John Van Patt has ever been to the old world, but he is truly an Old World Craftsman, as his company’s name puts it. My wife Tina met him a couple of years ago tracking down eco-friendly kitchen countertops. We were finally ready to get the work done and, much to our good fortune, managed to find his name again. Remodeling is never easy, but working with John was truly a pleasure. He did not only what he said he would do but more (a convenient window shelf and a couple of trivets) at no extra charge. He was on time, very efficient, and a master craftsman. If you want any woodworking, cabinetry, or custom furniture done, he’s your guy. I can’t wait until the bank account refills so we can commission him to make us some bookshelves. It’s great to work with someone who really knows what he’s doing. Please don’t think that the ratings I’ve given John are an exaggeration. He is truly that good. Highest recommendation.
Ted G.
John is a professional of all professionals. I have hired many professional workers being the President of my home owners Association complex for over 25 years. The work John does is exceptional, very clean and he is always on time. He custom made the cabinets for me and my wife and they looked better made than the ones we already had for our kitchen area. I would recommend him highly to anyone who wants quality work done in their home.
Joel W.
John Van Patt, the owner of Old World Craftsman, is the most skilled carpenter my wife and I have ever dealt with. He treats his creations as works of art and executes them with amazing precision. He designed and built several gorgeous cabinets at our home, and they have transformed our home from an ordinary home to a beautiful home. John was not only concerned with the beauty of his creation, but paid a lot of attention to the structural integrity of it. The result was not only beautiful cabinets, but also very sturdy ones that should last forever. Skills aside, John is an extremely nice and friendly person who would listen carefully to what we wanted and designed the cabinets accordingly. He always gave us several options to chose from, and identified the best materials for our budget. My wife and I warmly recommend John and his company.
J. Byam Satisfied Costumer
There are all too few master craftsman these days, but John truly is one of the best of a dying art. John was trained in the traditional mastery of carpentry & wood working. He has spent his profession career mastering his craft.

Not only is John a master craftsman but is is also a VERY accomplished designer. Many of his customers enjoy the art of his one of a kind designs for their homes & offices.

SO if you want something that is truly beautiful and is built to last or if you absolutely need something that is designed exactly for YOUR needs and space then John Van Patt is your man!